The idea is to let the site speak to you and let the form of the structure come organically or more naturally than having a preset idea of what you want to do on the site then going from that idea.  This process we are starting is reversed from a architecture standpoint, do the drawings/diagrams first then the ideas will just flow naturally.  

In this diagram/drawing I am trying to articulate the significant programmatic difference in the site using the natural terrain as my base.  I have been giving the word “velocity” to represent my site.  This diagram will help me define to moments of my site to where I can progress to the next step.  

Now describing my process

I wanted to start with a simple idea, so I related velocity with the slope of my site, the steeper the slope the higher velocity.  From that I developed grid over the site and at each intersection I placed a point that described velocity in relation to the other points.  This is essentially how I ended up with the drawing I have now.