Concept sketch 01

A proposed bike lock system I designed to combat current street and urban issues.  The idea is to free up space on sidewalks while creating a safe way to lock up your bike in any environment with the implementation of a retractable bike rack.

Browsing 3D printers instead of case-studing

I am looking into buying a resin printer but not a printer that comes pre-assembled, no I am going to “try” and build the Muve printer over my summer break before thesis.  I just sent them an email to see if the chemistry between us is right.

 Do you have any DIY printer that you are looking into or are interested in?

could you give all the advices you can about architecture, im failing a lot and im about ready to give up, please i need help and inspiration



When I first received this question, I really had no idea how to answer this. This is because of the context in which your question is stated, I am forced to generalize my answer. I don’t know what your background is and why you might be failing but I will give you what I think.

First you may be failing because you just might not have the communication skill to showcase your thoughts, or it may because you have too much on your plate and studio is the tipping point to where you can’t handle the stress for much longer, or you just might be in a depression rut that you cannot seem to find your way out of. Either the case you have to ask yourself if you are alright with going through these phases for the rest of your life? Is the stress worth it in architecture, or in design in general. I know me personally I go through a depression phase at least once a studio and in that downtime I get literally nothing done in comparison to the rest my time in studio. This may not directly relate to you but I feel as an architecture student in the modern age we are surrounded by information on screens daily, and I can’t help but wonder how that affects us. I bring this up because every time I get out of the city to get away from my computer, phone, tablet I just feel refreshed when I get back, maybe you need to spend time with yourself and only yourself to find the inspiration that you need to continue with design. I am giving you the ways I cope with being in studio 14 hours a day, almost everyday because this profession is tough and not a lot of students make it to graduation, you have to find something you are willing to fight for, something you feel passionate about, something that you feel might be able to change the world. This is what motivates me, the goal to create something better than what already is.

As for inspiration ,don’t look at picture, don’t scan the web, you need to find the inspiration within yourself(as cheesy as it sounds) but really you do. Go immerse yourself into nothingness and see where that takes you, you are so adamant that because you are failing you are doing it wrong but you might be the one doing it right and just a matter of being able to communicate your work. I, myself, am always trying to be consistant in how I approach a situation, idealistically. I may be wrong but I won’t know if I don’t try it out and test it to what I learn.

I hope this helps,

Christopher Voltl

No disruptions thus far

Finally getting my printer calibrated right after a week of trial and error. I had to replace a broken wire and my setting got jumbled all around.

Edit: My phone cannot take an upright picture

So glad for this break, I can finally read the books that I have been putting off

Section render

AR 402 Final Model

AR 402 Final Presentation 

Computational Design II

Professor: Rajaa issa

The idea of this class was to take parametric design and create a variable panel for a tower. I took the design of the evolution door by Klemens Torggler and apply the same system applied to the facade of a tower. 

The script I wrote for the panel was a breakthrough for me because coming out of this class I now know that I have the skills to replicate a system I design by scratch or a design a client gives me.  


I ran my limit of high quality videos for the week on vimeo but here is standard quality video of my definition in full and how it works with a few animations thrown in to show how the system works

Finished one wall and two roof structures so far

Model building process