A month off work and taking classes to spend time with my family gives me ample time to pump up the content on this blog, I hope to start some new tutorials on Rendering, Illustrating, and parametric design, I might also throw in some tutorials on 3D printing because it’s all the rage now and I have familiarized myself with it over the past year and a half. Plus I now have Camtasia so I can record, not only, in pictures and text but my live real time process of work flow

It’s not even about the representation of the idea through drawing but the quality of the research and how my opinion will reflect my outcome

Lately the question I am asking is

Will my thesis be successful?

Gondola Landing

Public space within the high rise

Outdoor [Auditorium

Public Space [Auditorium with backdrop] test render 

An environmental science project I did showcasing Sustainable systems and their applications including Material, Social Sustainability, Lighting, Building Performance, Futuristic Solution. 

I was talking about the systems that intrigued me for each category and found a high-res picture online to use as the background that represented the idea I am trying to portray with a diagram overlay to show the system I was describing. 

Development of space and material

no post processing

V ray Render test one for public space

Trying to develop a material palette and what material I can use to look like rubber mats fo under the playground.

The person I made looks super creepy and there are 100’s of them

Cutting Geometries

Formal Process Diagram

Programs Used

  • Rhino/Vray
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Showcasing how we ended up at our final form from gestural moves

Starting with five residential blocks then moving them to create an open space below each set of residential blocks then taking the geometry and shifting to create a more open space on the exterior balcony. This then leads to closing the open space to create an opportunity to use elliptical voids to create an architectural language that now defines perimeter and then closing some of the ellipses to not intrude into residential units but also using the negative space to creating interesting private spaces within the public domain.


Midterm Presentation: and

Vertical Urbatecture Studio-    How can we start rethinking and adding to the concept of the high-rise? 

 We started to look at vertical sprawl, and combating the idea of horizontal and vertical circulation as 2 separate entities.  Bringing the life of the street level into the high-rise, and creating neighborhoods that aren’t the contrived shit that we see in 90 percent of higher density residential. We are looking at creating, or at least adding to the idea of a new prototype of high-rise construction that serves the users/ inhabitants, incorporates mixed uses such as residential, commercial ,office, and short term dwelling, while creating a dynamic vertical city. Vertical Urbatecture. 

For more check out my partners blog.

Our Midterm presentation went well